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Welcome to Storm Recovery Services LLC

We specialize in Insurance claims. Count with a Free Public Adjuster to approve your claim! Make sure you get what is expected from your investment in Insurance.
We are the experienced roofers you can trust for Residential and Commercial Roofs, Siding and all Exteriors with: Great Warranty, Financing Options, Free Quotes, Excellent Reviews, and Friendly Customer Service.

If you are wondering what a new roof cost can be, maybe you should think in Insurance roof replacement, since there are constant hail damage and hi speed winds in “the windy city” Your chance to get a claim approved increases dramatically using our free adjusting service. Either if is a flat roof repair or a shingles roof, it may be resulting in a full replacement for almost or no cost.

Is better getting a knowledgeable specialist to check in detail, and show you pictures of the condition of your roof shingles, flat roof or siding.But since Insurances would minimize or even avoid paying, your best option is having a Public Adjuster on your side, and what better if is free! We give it to you at no cost.

We are going to complete the steps through the whole process of the claim maze. From the first claim call, we have the right answers, the storm date, etc. Negotiating with your insurance adjuster all the necessary elements for a complete installation. We will work with the city codes, pull the bonds and permits, and satisfy the inspections.We are properly insured, licensed, bonded, we have extensive experience, all the references you may need, and statements from our happy customers.

We use only the best performing and highest quality products that come with top warranties. Our vast experience in residential and commercial roofing, allows us to create value and functionality for any job.

Contact us today and get peace of mind having the right crue for your roof replacement.

General Exteriors

Siding, awnings, gutters, sofit, fascia, vents and turbines, skylights, windows and doors, alumunum wraps, redeck old roofs, rotten wood.

Comecial or flat roofs:

Modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM and Silicone coating.


Damage from hail and wind is not always apparent from the floor.

A functional roof is the most important part of the house because protect all the components from the devastating action of elements like water.

A missing shingle aloud water to get in, but even a hail stone produce granule loss and is cause of a fracture that slowly but surely will filter water into the felt first, and later in to your wood deck, rafters structure rotting it and finally to your ceiling and walls, creating dangerous mold. A not attended drop, can damage wood floors and basically everything. The consequences are far more expensive than an opportune attendance.

Common Questions answered:

1. Should I wait until getting leaks to consider my roof or siding damaged enough to claim?

No, some wind and hail damage are not visible from the floor, water may be running in to your wood structure rotting it and creating mold long before you see the first drop. Insurances want you to do the claim soon after a storm happen, they may not pay for rotten wood or old storms damage, inspection is free! Nothing to lose.

2. Will my premium increase because filling a claim?

The original idea was that the Insurance carrier was taking premiums as a gain, but assuming the risk of having to pay if damage from storm happened. And storms are an act of nature, not customers fault like in car accidents for human factors. So premiums should not be increased. Anyway, if some Insurance Companies increase premiums, will be for all their customers in the storm area. The ones who claim are the ones who get back some of their Insurance money investment.

3. What is the convenience of having a Public Adjuster for the Insurance claim?

Paying proceeds from a claim represent an obvious lose for the Insurance Company. Any customer or any regular Contractor have authority or an official voice to say what exactly can be considered damage from storms or what should be paid under your particular policy provisions. The Public Adjuster can protect your rights as a policy holder, ensure maximum recovery from your claim. Expertise in the complex claim handling, and saving the effort and time you may not have. And with us, is free.

4. How much time do I need to fill the claim after the storm?

Many Insurance Companies accept claims after one year, others two, and for commercial roofs maybe more, depends on the policy provisions too. But since the idea is to replace the deteriorated items by the damaging agent like hail or wind, like dented or blown shingles, vents, fascia, siding etc. Is convenient to do it as soon after the storm as possible to avoid subsequent damage from leaking, like rotten wood or mold generating that some Insurance Companies don`t cover. Right after a storm happen, that Insurance companies open a budget for that particular area, and in our experience, we find less resistance in getting approved those ones whom claim first, than last.

5. I was denied the first claim inspection, do I have another opportunity with you?

If we find that you have actual damage, yes. If you take the advantage of our free Public Adjuster representation, your probabilities to get approved will increase dramatically since he is the official figure with the knowledge, authority and experience, he knows the arguments to win your claim.

Call us today, make sure you get the right crew for your Claim handling and Building Project.

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